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Halo 1st Anniversary Press Release

Serving the Northfield and Chicago Area

Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine is celebrating its 1st Anniversary on the March 12th with an open house from Noon to 4 with raffles and prizes and gifts and giveaways totaling over $2500/ We have grown exponentially from a startup with 2 employees to 4 full time and 2-part time and

looking for more help. Simultaneously, we have grown our patient base from ZERO to over 800 right now.

For Dr. Promila Banerjee and the rest of the team at Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, in Northfield, healthy skin is about more than just looking good. Their comprehensive approach to skin care looks at holistic ways to reverse damage, maintain health and prevent disease and premature aging. By starting with a foundation of a healthy diet, sunscreen, hydration and sleep, plus tools such as laser and light therapy, Botox, fillers and reflexology, Banerjee works with her patients to restore youthful, healthy skin and overall wellness. 

Dr. Banerjee is a double board-certified physician and has additional fellowship training in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. She learned traditional Indian Ayurveda and herbal remedies from her grandmother, and has always focused on incorporating holistic techniques into her work. She is especially interested in the connection between gut function and healthy skin.

Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine specializes in non-surgical and natural ways to slow down the aging process from the systemic to cellular level. “Signs of aging shows up first on the skin. As we mature, our collagen production slows down, bone density is reduced, the fat cushion under the skin goes down and elasticity of the skin is weakened. Our goal at Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is to reawaken those responses by stimulating your own body’s natural healing mechanism and take you back in time, restoring youthful glow and healthy skin,” says Banerjee. 

On-site laser and light treatments can work on a variety of conditions, including acne scars, sun damage, sagging skin, dark spots and wrinkles. Broad Band Light (BBL) technology and Micro Laser Peel are two treatments that work specifically to target pigmented lesions. BBL can also be used to heal inflammation, reverse sun damage, reduce acne, boost collagen and reduce potential risk of skin cancer. “We create a customized skin care plan to prolong the results of the treatment and properly care for the skin post-treatment. We offer medical-grade, botanical-based, preservative- and paraben-free, non-toxic skin care products for antiaging and maintenance of healthy skin,” she advises.      

Dr. Banerjee’s specialty treatment is a laser called Halo, the first hybrid laser that combines a non-ablative wavelength for the top layers of skin and an ablative wavelength that reaches deeper levels of the skin. “These two laser energies work synergistically to target skin discoloration, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pores and lack of radiance, with zero downtime. Halo is totally customizable to your skin’s needs, as well as your tolerance for downtime, so you can opt for multiple ‘light’ treatments or one to two more intense treatments. The safety and proven track record of Halo laser makes it an appropriate treatment for all skin types and ages. We are one of six in Illinois and the first in North Shore to offer this latest breakthrough in laser medicine, offering superior results, safely and with zero downtime,” says Banerjee.   

She combines integrative and holistic techniques such as aromatherapy, nutrition, detoxification and reflexology to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms and enhance the results of cosmetic and laser treatments, saying, “We do platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to boost the results from laser and micro-needling. There are no additives or preservatives. We separate out the plasma, rich in growth factors, extracted from your own blood and apply it immediately after laser and micro-needling to enhance the results. This helps support the healing response and boosts collagen and growth of newer healthier skin cells. The extra support for your skin using PRP also makes the results of laser and micro-needling last longer. Custom combinations using natural and ancient medicine techniques like reflexology, lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy help us enhance the results of our cosmetic procedures in alignment with our holistic approach.”

A healthy body is the best predictor of healthy skin, and Dr. Banerjee recommends eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, along with good fats, staying hydrated and managing stress. She also advises everyone to wear high-quality, medical-grade sunscreen containing zinc, with a high SPF that provides wide-spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. 

Communication with her patients is important to Dr. Banerjee. She is proud that Halo is physician-owned and operated, and they strive to maintain high standards of safety and quality. She states, “We’re a practice of cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine, unlike other places where services are offered by technicians. At Halo, each person's treatment plan is customized and followed through to achieve individual goals.”

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