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A recent landmark Stanford study in the Wall Street Journal, “Forever Young Broad Band Light” (FYBBL) reveals a light therapy that changes the way skin ages using an advanced form of intense pulse light (IPL), a four-pass technique, and collagen boosting. This half-hour procedure has no downtime—apply makeup and return to work immediately after treatment.

Light therapy has also been effective on the face, neck, chest, back, hands and legs; even for comfortable, safe, effective hair removal. The procedure is very comfortable, without needles and virtually painless.

FYBBL is both corrective (the “gold standard” for reversal of sun damage, pigments, abnormal blood vessels, rosacea, and acne) and preventive, because it slows down the aging clock by modifying gene expression, promoting younger and healthier cells, thereby improving texture and tone, reducing pores and boosting the body's natural collagen production.

It’s the most well-studied anti-aging treatment in cosmetic dermatology, with 10 years of data, and hundreds of patients. Biopsies and skin exams show consistent reversal of sun damage, and observational data shows potential reduction in skin cancer risk. It does not interfere with Botox, fillers or other anti-aging treatments.

“Expect to see results within days after your first treatment,” says Dr. Promila Banerjee, M.D., of Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, who trained under Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D., a leading authority on IPL/BBL and founder of FYBBL for skin.

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