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Healthy Skin Leads to Overall Wellness and Healthy Aging

0216CHI BS-Halo by Carrie Jackson For Dr. Promila Banerjee and the rest of the team at Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, in Northfield, healthy skin is about more than just looking good. Their comprehensive approach to skin care looks at holistic ways to reverse...

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Slow Down the Aging Clock

1215CHI ES-HALO A recent landmark Stanford study in the Wall Street Journal, “Forever Young Broad Band Light” (FYBBL) reveals a light therapy that changes the way skin ages using an advanced form of intense pulse light (IPL), a four-pass technique, and collagen...

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Micro-Needling for Healthier Skin

0216CHI HB-Microneedling Micro-needling, a safe, clinically proven, chemical-free method to boost collagen and elastin production, reduce wrinkles, scars, sun damage, dark spots and maintain healthy skin, dates back to the days of ancient Chinese acupuncture, later to...

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Halo 1st Anniversary Press Release

Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine is celebrating its 1st Anniversary on the March 12th with an open house from Noon to 4 with raffles and prizes and gifts and giveaways totaling over $2500/ We have grown exponentially from a startup with 2 employees to 4 full time and...

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Halo 5th Anniversary Press Release

HaloMedicine thanks the Northshore community on its 5th anniversary We not only have survived but thrived, thanks for the overwhelming support from all our loyal and growing patients base, local community, Chambers, Vendors and most importantly our employees. Big...

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