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Stanislaus Menezes


Stanislaus (Stan) Menezes is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of diverse business experience, particularly in startups.

With a proven track record, Stan has successfully built and sold two information technology companies in the past. However, driven by a desire for new challenges and inspired by his physician wife, he made a significant career shift into the medical field. In 2015, leveraging his entrepreneurial acumen and the guidance of his wife, Stan co-founded

At Halo Medicine, Stan plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s growth and success. Drawing from his extensive startup experience, he has been instrumental in leading the company from its inception to achieving well over six figures in revenues over the last decade. Stan’s responsibilities encompass various facets of the business, including strategy formulation, day-to-day operations management, and negotiating partnerships with medical equipment and skin product vendors.

In addition to his strategic and operational duties, Stan is deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service to patients. He is actively involved in addressing patient inquiries and concerns, ensuring a high level of satisfaction. Notably, Stan’s dedication extends beyond regular business hours, as he promptly responds to emergency phone calls, emails, and texts, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to customer care.

With his wealth of experience, entrepreneurial drive, and dedication to excellence, Stan Menezes continues to make significant contributions to the success and growth of Halo Medicine, cementing its position as a trusted provider in the medical field.

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