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Halo Helps Fade Years of Troublesome Acne Scarring and Sun Damage

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One Client Gets her Wish to Go Out in Public Wearing Less Makeup

When you think of acne, you usually think of it being a uniquely teenage problem. And that once the breakouts are gone, you’re clear forever.

But for some individuals, acne can linger around for years and lead to hyperpigmentation, in which patches of skin become darker in color than the surrounding skin. “When acne happens to teenagers, it’s not just the acne," Dr. Banerjee says. "Down the road, they get scarring and change of color issues. That's how they heal."

Such is the case for Keeley K. of Vernon Hills. She came to Halo to address hyperpigmentation and acne scars from sun exposure and years of pitting on her face. "I was looking for for a solution to help fade those marks so that I could wear less makeup," she says.

Fading Dark Marks—Finally

Keeley consulted with Dr. B, who chose to begin her individualized treatment plan with a series of medical-grade, medium-depth peels from SkinCeuticals. Dr. B chose them because they're botanical based and are ideal for sensitive skin and Keeley's skin tone.

"This peel, especially when done in series, restores a glow and evens out the pigment by pulling out years of UV damage," Dr. B says. "And because of how deep it goes, it induces some degree of new collagen formation. This leads to tightening and reduction in fine lines. This is not a substitute for plastic surgery but it does help tighten and takes off years of aging that shows up on the face."

To her delight, Keeley noticed an immediate difference after her first peel. “Right after the first treatment, the results were noticeable,” she says. “My skin was smoother. And I could tell that with each treatment, the brown spots were getting lighter. My makeup goes on nicer, since the skin’s smoother. And I don’t have to wear as much concealer because the brown spots are getting lighter.”

She also shares that the treatment isn’t as bad as people might fear. “The peeling does happen, but it’s not bad," she says. "You can go out into public and not look like a snake.”

What's Next?

As of her third peel, Keeley's forehead and cheeks had cleared up about 60 percent. Once she finishes the series of peels, she plans to do laser treatments to really get down into the skin and get rid of the scarring completely. “Dr. B's also doing Botox for me and she does a great job,” Keeley says. “She makes it all painless. I’ve had Botox from other people and it hurts. Her technique is good.”

Combing multiple treatments for optimum results is part of Dr. B's specialty. "The majority of our patients do multiple treatments because they know when we work on different layers, you get a better impact and longer-lasting results," Dr. B says. "When we do peels, we're working on the different layers of the skin. When we do Botox, you're working on the muscles underneath the skin. The muscles relax with Botox, and the skin stretches and relaxes. Then when we do laser, you're working on the epidermis and dermis, two different layers of the skin. Deep down, we're boosting collagen production. On the surface, we're pulling out the sun damage; improving the texture, tone and pigmentation; and reducing skin cancer. "

Working on different layers and using multiple treatments means higher quality results that last longer, which also saves our clients money in the long run.

Many clients love the different options for that reason--and because it can prevent the need for plastic surgery. "Most of our patients say, ‘If you can keep me from going to plastic surgery, I’ll be a happy soul,’" Dr. B says. "And with Keeley, we've already done that.”

Personal Attention, Calming Environment

In addition to the results she's seeing, a bonus for Keeley is the relaxing environment of the clinic. "Halo is a much more relaxing environment," she says. "There's a lot more personal attention here. Other places I've been to feels like a factory."

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