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Facial volume loss / cheeks & chin

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As we grow older, our skin tends to lose its natural volume and elasticity. Cheek and chin fillers allow our patients to restore their vibrant, youthful appearance and complement their natural facial features. For more than 20 years, Dr. Promila Banerjee has been helping men and women in Illinois meet their ultimate aesthetic goals. At Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, we are happy to offer cheek and chin filler to men and women in Chicago, Schaumburg, Evanston, Northbrook, and the neighboring communities of Illinois.

Facial Volume Loss

Whether you are lacking definition in your cheeks (no cheekbones) or are experiencing just an overall loss in facial volume due to age or weight loss, SRC can use dermal fillers to naturally create and enhance your facial profile. We can also enhance a receding chin or a give a more striking chin profile with dermal filler. If chin fat is your concern, visit our ProLipo or Kybella page to learn how to effectively reduce unwanted chin fat.

Our physicians are truly cosmetic artists and can give you the cheek structure and overall volume that you are seeking.

Sculptra Before and After Pictures Northfield, IL

At Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, we want to help you take control of how you age, so you can start looking and feeling better than ever before. We are happy to offer non-surgical cosmetic services to men and women in Chicago, Schaumburg, Evanston, Northbrook and the neighboring areas of Illinois. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Banjeree today.

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