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How Laser Hair Removal Is Helping One Client Save Time Every Day

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"I used to have to pluck almost daily, and now I don't. It streamlines my beauty regime." —Betsy B., Evanston

Betsy came to Halo over the summer for laser hair removal on her chin. After multiple treatments, she says the hair was almost completely removed. "And the hair that still shows up is very fine and very slow-growing. It was a dramatic change."

Although Betsy had always wanted to do laser hair removal, she was afraid of the laser treatment. She was not sure what kind of damage it could do and didn't know how effective it would be.

"But Stan and the people at Halo made me feel comfortable in finally taking that step," Betsy says. "I trusted the people at Halo. I was able to take the time to talk to their experts. They explained the process and how it kills the root of the hair. They also laid out why it works and what it works on."

The difference was dramatic. "It made the hair go away. Really," Betsy says. "It kills the root so the hair doesn't come back. I used to have to pluck almost daily and now I don't. It streamlines my beauty regime."

What advice would Betsy give others considering laser hair treatment? "One of my girlfriends is constantly plucking hair. I said to her, 'You've got to go get this done. Just make it easier on yourself!'"

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