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How Halo Helped One Client Look and Feel Less Tired

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“I was tired of looking so tired.”—Michele M., Glenview

When Michele Messenger of Glenview first came to Halo, she had some concerns. She was worried the treatments would hurt badly and that they’d be expensive. Or worse, she’d end up looking fake after all was said and done. Fortunately, Michele's experience was nothing of the sort. She had three Halo laser treatments, as well as PRP to the face and neck, and she says the treatments helped her look and feel better. “Even after the first [treatment], I just felt like I wasn’t as tired," she says. "And it felt like the right thing for me. I didn’t want anything that was too invasive. I didn’t want anything that was going to take a lot of time. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m almost a no-maintenance kind of a person. So it just felt like the right thing for me. ” Initially, Michele opted for some injections, but then realized she was worried about the pain. The last thing we want is for our clients to do something they are uncomfortable with, so we recommended PRP instead. Michele says she likes that we understood that and didn't try to push her into anything she wasn't comfortable with.

Thrilled with the Results

Michele couldn’t be happier with how the treatments turned out. “I really feel I got the results I was looking for. I think I look more refreshed,” she says. “I feel so much better. I look in the mirror, and I’m so happy.” More specifically, Michele is incredibly happy with how her neck area turned out. “I cannot believe the difference in my neck,” she says. “[The improvement to] my neck and jowls has been huge. It’s smoother - the wrinkles have disappeared. It’s tighter. My neck is much, much tighter.” Michele says that the people around her noticed the positive changes, too. After three laser sessions and one PRP treatment, "people were like, 'What happened? You look so rested. You look great. What are you doing?'" "This is just what I was looking for," Michele says. "I feel like it was just natural…I'm just not so tired looking.”

Great Care Throughout the Treatments

In addition to the great results, Michele likes how Halo showed that we care. She felt we took the time to explain the treatments, which helped her understand what was happening along the way. And while there was downtime after her treatments, she knew what to expect from that as well. “I was really impressed with the care," she says. "I really do feel like they care and that it was important to them that I be happy with my results." Going forward, she's planning to consult with Dr. B again to see what she suggests for maintenance and follow-up treatments.  “It’s not a one and done,” says Michele. “You do need to keep it up. I felt like they were honest with that. If you get a few, you get better results. It wasn’t like you need six. I got three.” She has recommended others to Halo, but has noticed that some individuals are concerned about the pain—just like she was at the beginning. She addresses their fear with a positive, “Go! Just try it!"
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