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Look Younger Naturally with Halo Medical Spa: ‘I Like the Natural Results I Get Every Time’

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"I've been to other salons to have stuff done, and it feels overdone. I like the natural results I get every time here at Halo." —Tracy S., Glenview

Tracy has been coming to Halo medical spa since we opened in 2014. She likes the "more medical feel rather than the aesthetic fluff feel," she says. More importantly, she loves the results she's seen. "I've been to other salons to have stuff done, and it feels overdone. I like the natural results I get every time here at Halo."

The results Tracy is seeing are the product of initial conversations and ongoing planning with Dr. B. At Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. B consults with every client to find out what your concerns or "trouble areas" are. She then tailors a custom plan of action to ensure you can achieve optimum results.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

While many salons draw from limited service offerings, Dr. B is able to pull from her extensive medical experience and our vast service offerings to ensure the best results for you, your goals and your budget.

"I feel like Halo is a step ahead of other places," Tracy says. "They have a lot more options than just one product. They're really innovative at combining things."

Tracy's custom treatment program at Halo has included Halo Laser, Sculptra and liquid facelift treatments. Halo Laser can minimize—or even reverse—years of sun damage, while Sculptra and liquid facelifts help you look younger by restoring volume to your face using naturally occurring hyaluronic acids or other natural substances.

"I've noticed a huge difference in the amount of sun damage discolorations, especially on my chest," Tracy says. "I had sun damage scars—clusters of freckles on my chest—and they're all gone." She also says the lines, or folds, by her nose are much less prominent. (The nasolabial folds are commonly known as "smile lines" or "laugh lines" and are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.)

The Doctor Is Hands On

When you choose Halo medical spa, you're choosing a doctor-owned medical practice, not a fly-by-night salon. Everything we do is grounded in science. Dr. B meticulously researches the products and treatments available before ever bringing them into our facility. All of our treatments are scientifically proven to work.

Before beginning any treatment, Dr. B meets with every client for at least 30 minutes during an initial, free consultation. (Schedule your free consultation!) She's also involved during the actual procedures.

"I like having a medical doctor do the treatments," Tracy says. "I like that she's here and hands on. Other places I've been to, even if the doctor is there, the doctor isn't necessarily doing this aspect of the treatment."

This gives Tracy peace of mind, not to mention that it likely alleviates frightening or annoying side effects. Prior to coming to Halo, Tracy says she had injections one time, and it made her feel light-headed and nauseated. "I've never had any problems like that here," she says.

Tracking the Results

The real test of any anti-aging treatment is: Does it work?

Tracy can clearly track her results because, at Halo, we do extensive before and after photos. This gives her baseline data so she can clearly see the changes over time. It also gives the doctor the ability to continuously review and refine her custom plan. This goes back to our primary goal: optimum results with minimal treatment.

"This is important because the results are subtle over time," Tracy says. "You don't remember what it was like in the beginning."

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